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AHRQ Projects

Every year, ICES conducts Applied Health Research Question (AHRQ) projects that help inform health care planning, policy and program development of Ontario’s health care system. Select a fiscal year below to view ICES AHRQ projects accepted that year.

For each project, the title, project ID, type of response, names of the Knowledge User and ICES scientist(s), and project status are provided. For more information on any project or to obtain a copy of the final deliverable, contact

The information is updated on a quarterly basis. Click on the project title to view more information.

Last updated: May 2022

Project ID: 2019-046/2021 0950 095 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Epilepsy Ontario
ICES Scientists: Lesley Plumptre, Susan Bronskill
Summary: EpLink studied the effectiveness of a phone-based group intervention at reducing depression in people with epilepsy. The study included a Wait List Control and a positive control group that received an epilepsy information group intervention. This project will examine healthcare system effects, particularly emergency department visits related to epilepsy, as well as GP, psychiatric, and neurologist visits.
Status: On hold

Project ID: 2019-047/2020 0950 077 000
Type of Response: Research report or technical brief
Knowledge User: Georgian Bay General Hospital
ICES Scientists: Michael Campitelli
Summary: As part of the Choosing Wisely Hospital Performance Series, an initiative intended to reduce unnecessary pre-operative testing and treatments in the hospital, the knowledge user is seeking a refresh of the data to identify opportunities to reduce the tests for low-risk surgeries. The data collected will be used to refine existing processes and models of pre-operative care by lowering the number of pre-operative tests conducted, thereby reducing wait times and costs.
Status: Completed

Project ID: 2019-048/2021 0950 102 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Toronto Public Health
ICES Scientists: Lesley Plumptre
Summary: Toronto Public Health seeks to test the feasibility of using hospital administrative databases for health status reporting for the homeless population and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the health issues impacting people experiencing homelessness and their health care utilization patterns to inform service planning and advocacy.
Status: In progress

Project ID: 2019-049/2020 0950 073 000
Type of Response: Rapid response
Knowledge User: Public Health Ontario (PHO)
ICES Scientists: Jeff Kwong
Summary: Public Health Ontario sought to obtain the numbers of beds/bed-days occupied by elective admissions that may be cancelled as part of surge planning for the COVID-19 outbreak. Indicators on the most common elective procedures, diagnoses, and proportion of beds occupied were requested to assess the impact on health care system. The Ministry of Health and other government agencies will also use this evidence to inform the development of urgent policies and public health measures needed to mitigate the impact.
Status: Completed

Project ID: 2019-050/2021 0950 100 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Alzheimer Society of Ontario
ICES Scientists: Lesley Plumptre, Susan Bronskill
Summary: The Alzheimer Society of Ontario is interested in determining the impact of their First Link Care Navigation (FLCN) program on their clients’ health status and overall health care system use. This program is intended to connect individuals living with dementia and their care partners to information, supports, and services throughout the progression of the condition. The information collected will be used to assess the health system impacts and outcomes of those with experience using the FLCN, as well as to inform providers to identify patients who would benefit from the program.
Status: In progress

Project ID: 2019-051/2020 0950 075 000
Type of Response: Rapid response
Knowledge User: Manitoulin Health Centre
ICES Scientists: Michael Paterson
Summary: Decision and policy makers in Manitoulin District are requesting information on the projections for hospitalizations and deaths on the Island related to COVID-19. This data will be shared with the various Chiefs, Reeves, municipal clerks, and the Mayor to inform policy decisions as they relate to hospitalization and surge planning for the pandemic.
Status: Completed