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AHRQ Projects

Every year, ICES conducts Applied Health Research Question (AHRQ) projects that help inform health care planning, policy and program development of Ontario’s health care system. Select a fiscal year below to view ICES AHRQ projects accepted that year.

For each project, the title, project ID, type of response, names of the Knowledge User and ICES scientist(s), and project status are provided. For more information on any project or to obtain a copy of the final deliverable, contact

The information is updated on a quarterly basis. Click on the project title to view more information.

Last updated: May 2022

Project ID: 2018-045/2020 0950 046 000
Type of Response: Research report
Knowledge User: Ministry of Health
ICES Scientists: Michael Paterson
Summary: Ontario Health Teams (OHT) were put in place to end hallway health care, reduce demand for high-intensity care and improve the overall patient experience. The knowledge user wishes to understand the linkages between patients and different health care provider networks and how these change over time. Data generated by ICES from a 2013 study of multispecialty physician networks in Ontario will be used to form an understanding of patterns of patient health-seeking behaviour. The research evidence gathered will be used by the Ministry to make decisions on the development, approval, funding and incentive structure of the OHTs, with an overarching goal of minimizing overlap and gaps in Ontario’s health care system.
Status: Completed