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AHRQ Projects

Every year, ICES conducts Applied Health Research Question (AHRQ) projects that help inform health care planning, policy and program development of Ontario’s health care system. Select a fiscal year below to view ICES AHRQ projects accepted that year.

For each project, the title, project ID, type of response, names of the Knowledge User and ICES scientist(s), and project status are provided. For more information on any project or to obtain a copy of the final deliverable, contact

The information is updated on a quarterly basis. Click on the project title to view more information.

Last updated: May 2022

Project ID: 2017-048/2018 0950 027 000
Type of Response: Research report
Knowledge User: Mental Health and Addictions Acute Care Alliance 
ICES Scientist: Paul Kurdyak
Summary: The Mental Health and Addictions Acute Care Alliance has identified six indicators to compare across alliance hospitals in the Toronto Central LHIN. These indicators include 30-day readmission, all-cause mortality, physician visits, suicide attempts and completions, and wait times. The results of this request will be shared with the LHIN to support improvements in existing alliance system improvement activities, assess impact of such activities and identify problems that may require future attention.
Status: Completed

Project ID: 2017-049/2019 0909 003 000
Type of Response: Research report
Knowledge User: Child and Family Centre 
ICES Scientist: Michael Conlon
Summary: Although it is known that the rate of death by suicide among youth in Northeastern Ontario is more than double the provincial average, little is known about the characteristics of these youth. The request details the demographic and social characteristics of these youth and how their profiles differ in Northern and Southern Ontario. The research will be used to inform strategic planning to ensure that proposed initiatives will work toward life promotion in the communities.
Status: Completed

Project ID: 2017-051/2019 0950 029 000
Type of Response: Research report
Knowledge User: Trillium Health Partners – Mississauga Hospital 
ICES Scientist: Laura Rosella
Summary: Trillium Health Partners provides a range of acute care hospital services and community-based programs, including but not limited to mental health, cancer services, cardiac health and rehabilitation, renal care, stroke and vascular services, complex diabetes care, critical care and emergency care. This request is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the unique health profile of the community in which Trillium Health Partners serves to inform hospital planning and service delivery.
Status: Completed

Project ID: 2017-052/ 2019 0900 934 001
Type of Response: Research report
Knowledge User: YMCA of Greater Toronto
ICES Scientist: Erin Graves
Summary: Monitoring community health trends of diabetes prevalence will enable the knowledge user to gain insight into emerging health needs and make strategic programming decisions for YMCA centres in the GTA. Diabetes prevalence by census tract is requested to inform a larger community health monitoring framework.
Status: Completed

Project ID: 2017-053/ 2019 0950 028 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
ICES Scientist: Refik Saskin
Summary: The Assistive Devices Program helps Ontarians with long-term physical disabilities pay for customized equipment including but not limited to mobility aids, hearing aids, diabetes monitoring equipment and supplies, and home oxygen. The purpose of the request is to better understand the client population and develop goals for improving program equity, effectiveness, impact and sustainability.
Status: Completed

Project ID: 2017-055/2019 0900 819 001
Type of Response: Research report
Knowledge User: Osteoporosis Canada
ICES Scientist: Susan Jaglal
Summary: The Osteoporosis Strategy is a population-based initiative to improve quality of care for people with osteoporosis. The purpose of the request is to monitor osteoporosis trends against performance indicators for bone fracture rates, bone mineral density testing and osteoporosis treatment. The results will be used to inform the effectiveness of the Osteoporosis Strategy in improving osteoporosis prevention and management in Ontario.
Status: Completed