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Salimah Shariff

Salimah Shariff is a staff scientist at ICES Western. She completed a PhD in epidemiology and biostatistics specializing in medical informatics and health services research at Western University, and a Bachelor’s of Mathematics (BMath) in computer science specializing in bioinformatics at the University of Waterloo. Salimah began her career at ICES Western in 2011 as the second official staff member and first analytic employee. While the ICES Western physical site was under construction, Salimah spent a year in Toronto working along-side ICES analytic staff. After returning to London, she assumed the role of local lead analyst, in which she provided mentorship and support to staff, students, local investigators, stakeholders, and knowledge users. Salimah is also notably responsible for developing and successfully executing the ICES Western Faculty Scholars Program. Now in its second cycle, this two year program trains research faculty in health services research using administrative data.

As a health services researcher, Salimah’s research is focused on using Ontario's large health administrative databases to conduct observational research. Having been an ICES staff member for the past 5 years, she has participated in numerous influential studies across diverse clinical disciplines. In her role as staff scientist, Salimah oversees and leads various ICES Western research initiatives, knowledge user requests (AHRQ projects) and stakeholder engagement activities.