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Lesley Plumptre

Lesley is a staff scientist with Data & Analytic Services (DAS) and the Life Stage Program at ICES Central. She completed her PhD in nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto, MSc in nutrition at King's College London, and BSc in pharmacological chemistry at the University of California, San Diego. Lesley joined ICES in 2017 holding both research analyst and epidemiologist roles as well as contributing to the Improving and Driving Excellence Across Sectors (IDEAS) advanced learning program. Lesley’s previous work has focused on the social determinants of health, particularly during the periconceptional period through early adolescence. 

In her current role, Lesley facilitates research questions requested by external knowledge users as part of the Applied Health Research Question (AHRQ) Portfolio. The portfolio encompasses a wide variety of research topics; in particular, Lesley supported projects investigating health care utilization among persons living with HIV, rates of diabetic retinopathy screenings across the province and dissemination of patient experiences within the Ontario health care system.