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Anna Koné

Anna Koné is an associate professor in the Department of Health Sciences, Lakehead University. Dr. Koné has utilized her expertise in quantitative research methods to conduct research on multimorbidity, health outcomes, evaluation of health services/interventions and social determinants of health. She is currently completing  funded research on COVID-19, multimorbidity and the use of primary care, hospital and emergency department services using ICES data. She has led a large mixed method project using health administrative data, patient focus groups, and provider interviews to understand patients’ experience and develop strategies for patients with cancer, and comorbid physical and mental health conditions, and their health care utilization. Anna is interested in race-based data and anti-oppressive health services, and has been awarded a CIHR grant to assess the impact of COVID-19 pandemic policies on the management of chronic conditions in Indigenous and Black communities. She is also aiming to better utilize health administrative data available from ICES, to contribute basic information on the burden of multimorbidity and related health services utilization in Black and Indigenous peoples.