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Simone Dahrouge

Dr. Dahrouge is the director of research, and scientist, at the C.T. Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre within the Bruyere Research Institute. She is also an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa in the Department of Family Medicine. She holds a Master's degree in clinical epidemiology and a PhD in population health from the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Dahrouge's current research focuses on the organization of primary care health services. Her main interest is in understanding how primary care can be organized to optimize the quality and equity of the care delivered. Her work has the potential to inform future policy recommendations on organizing primary care. She is the principal investigator on a Canadian Institutes Health Research funded study aiming to establish the optimal panel size range for family physicians to achieve high quality care using ICES health administrative data. She also leads a study evaluating primary care equity across OECD countries.