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Philip Awadalla

Dr. Philip Awadalla, PhD, is national scientific director of CanPath (Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health), director of computational biology and the executive scientific director of Ontario Health Study at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and professor of population and medical genomics at the University of Toronto. He is director of the Genome Canada, Canadian Data Integration Centre. He obtained his doctorate in population and statistical genetics from the University of Edinburgh and was awarded NSERC, Killam, and Wellcome Trust Fellowships to pursue his postdoctoral work before taking faculty positions at North Carolina and the University of Montreal. He was the scientific director of CARTaGENE, and was part of the analysis groups of the 1000 Genomes Program and PCAWG. Major projects include genomics of aging, hematological diseases and cancers. Other projects include estimating mutation and recombination rates; model-based approaches to identify genetic; and environmental control points for infectious diseases in Africa.