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ICES McMaster

ICES McMaster

ICES McMaster is located in the Health Sciences Centre on the main campus of McMaster University in Hamilton. ICES McMaster officially launched on June 20, 2016 in a new 2,300 square-foot facility with seven appointed ICES scientists. The ICES McMaster facility comprises a community of local scientists, staff and students. Our central location on main campus facilitates meaningful interactions and collaborative research opportunities across many disciplines and with our hospital partners. The facility is a joint collaboration of ICES and McMaster with its academic hospitals, Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. 

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Recent Awards & Recognitions

  • Constantine Douketis New Researcher Award

    2019: Awarded to Dr. Aristithes Doumouras for the project "The effect of bariatric surgery on breast cancer incidence characteristics, outcomes and mortality" by The Research Institute of St. Joe's Hamilton.

  • CIHR Canada Research Chair

    2016: Awarded to Dr. Hsien Seow for palliative care, cancer and health system innovation.

  • CIHR New Investigator Award

    2013: Awarded to Dr. Hsien Seow for "Improving home and community-based palliative care through primary health care innovations".

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