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ICES has been located at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre since it opened in 1992.

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Beginning in 2007, ICES began opening satellite sites across Ontario.

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Recognizing the importance of partnerships in achieving positive change, ICES has assembled a diverse network of stakeholders, associate scientists and representatives of provincial, national and international health care organizations to collaborate on research initiatives. This active involvement in external relations and stakeholder participation has created a forum for research excellence, policy debate and effective, sustainable change, while also expanding the capacity for research in Canada.

Over the years, ICES has strengthened its long-term relationships, while forging new alliances to support emerging areas of research.

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Recent Awards & Recognitions

  • Canada Research Chair in Drug Policy Research and Evaluation

    2019: Canada Research Chair in Drug Policy Research and Evaluation awarded to Dr. Tara Gomes by CIHR.

  • Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada Ontario Clinician Scientist Phase II Award

    2019: Awarded to Dr. Rick Swartz. Clinician-scientist awardees have demonstrated a commitment to building an influential program of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health research relevant to the foundation’s mission.

  • Heart & Stroke Richard Lewar Center of Excellence BI-LILLY Cardiometabolic Young Investigator Award

    2018: Awarded to Dr. Charles de Mestral for the project "Reducing Amputation from Diabetes and Peripheral Arterial Disease through Regional Foot Care and Amputation Prevention Pathways."

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