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Medical Practice Variations

Editors: Johnson A, Stukel TA. April 2016.

This special volume on medical practice variations, edited by ICES scientists Thérèse Stukel and Ana Johnson, is part of a six-volume Springer series on health services research.

A $4.9 Billion Decrease in Health Care Expenditure: The Ten-Year Impact of Improving Smoking, Alcohol, Diet and Physical Activity in Ontario

Manuel DG, Perez R, Bennett C, Laporte A, Wilton AS, Gandhi S, Yates EA, Henry DA. April 2016.

This report estimates the impact of smoking, alcohol, diet and physical activity on total health care costs and costs related to hospital care, community care and prescription drugs in Ontario.

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Journal Articles

Rates of mental illness and addiction among high-cost users of medical services in Ontario

Hensel JM, Taylor VH, Fung K, Vigod SN. Can J Psychiatry. 2016; 61(6):358-66.

Maternal and offspring outcomes in women with intellectual and developmental disabilities: a population-based cohort study

Brown HK, Cobigo V, Lunsky Y, Vigod SN. BJOG. 2016; May 25 [Epub ahead of print].

Effectiveness of a hospital-initiated smoking cessation programme: 2-year health and healthcare outcomes

Mullen KA, Manuel DG, Hawken SJ, Pipe AL, Coyle D, Jones LA, Younger J, Wells GA, Reid RD. Tob Control. 2016; May 25 [Epub ahead of print].

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At a Glance

APRIL 2016

Introducing a new design of At a Glance, using infographics, videos and news stories to share our research highlights.

  • Statins shown to be safe in generic form for high-risk coronary patients 
  • Ontarians' unhealthy behaviours cost $89.4 billion between 2004 and 2013
  • Adult prescriptions for ADHD drugs more than doubled in five years, but access uneven across Canada
  • Poor contraceptive practices are leading to pregnancies in users of isotretinoin, a drug that causes birth defects
  • Breast cancer patients receiving Herceptin treatment should be monitored for heart damage at any age
  • Women with schizophrenia less likely to use acute mental health services during pregnancy and after delivery
  • Dementia patients with multiple physicians or in long-term care at risk of medication conflict

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