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The ICES board of directors and management team are committed to making data accessible so that it can be used to support new discoveries. Beginning in June 2016, DAS has been providing analytic services to researchers in the private sector. Factors that prompted ICES to extend DAS to the private sector include:

  • Alignment with the Government of Ontario’s Open Data initiative and other national and international initiatives aimed at increasing access to public data holdings to maximize their impact on the health care system and the economy.
  • In the same way that the ICES data platform creates knowledge that informs public sector health care investments, it also has the potential to create knowledge that informs the approximately 30% of health care expenditures that are privately funded.
  • ICES’ decision was informed by the experiences of similar organizations in Canada and internationally that are already providing services for the private sector.

Three principles guide DAS in its work with the private sector:

  • Alignment with the ICES mission, vision and values – DAS private sector work must provide a public benefit.
  • Transparency – full-results reports, the identities of private sector organizations that use DAS analytic services, and dataset creation plans will all be publicly available.
  • Private sector work must be in addition to, and in no way detract from, ICES research institute work – this includes the requirement that private sector work must be financially viable.

Interested private sector organizations or researchers with funding from the private sector are invited to submit the ICES DAS Private Sector Analytics Services Request Form (PDF) to When determining their research question(s), requestors should note that only studies approved by an Ontario-based research ethics board will be undertaken by DAS and that ICES reserves the right to refuse requests that are not aligned with the ICES mission, vision and values.

As part of the transparency principle, once a private sector project obtains research ethics board approval, the name of the study, the name of the private sector organization and the research question(s) will be posted on the ICES website. This is similar to the process used when clinical trials registries publicize information about upcoming clinical trials. One year after the study is completed or when the private sector organization publishes the study findings (whichever comes first), the full-results report and dataset creation plan(s) will be added to the study information on the ICES website. Governments and government-funded agencies will have the opportunity to request results reports and other details from ICES before they are posted on the ICES website; the private sector organization would be notified if/when information is provided by ICES to a government or government-funded agency.

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DAS Private Sector Workflow

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